ALIBI by Tor productions Ltd

This 1930s game is for 2 – 4 players and consists of 51 cards, 4 sets each of 12 cards – CRIME, PROCECUTION, DEFENCE each of these sets is numbered 1 – 12 and ALIBI which is un-numbered. The last ALIBI set is made up of 6 cards called ALIBI PROVED and 6 cards ALIBI NOT PROVED. There is also 1 card marked PRISONER and 2 SURPRISE WITNESS cards (one numbered 15 and the other 20).

The players are divided into 2 teams, for the PROCECUTION
and for the DEFENCE. Which ever side gains its stack of 6 ALIBI cards wins the game.


Here are the Rules:

by Tor Productions Ltd


Full of interest and as exciting as a Thriller



The pack consists of 51 cards made up as follows :—4 sets each of 12, namely, CRIME, PROSECUTION, DEFENCE, and ALIBI. Each set, with the exception of ALIBI is numbered 1-12. The ALIBI set comprises 6 cards called ALIBI PROVED and 6 cards ALIBI NOT PROVED. In addition there is I card marked PRISONER, and 2 others called SURPRISE WITNESS, one bearing the number 15 and one bearing the number 20.


ALIBI may be played by two or four players, and sides are taken for Prosecution or Defence.

Before the cards are shuffled for dealing the ALIBI set of 12 is taken from the pack and divided into two sections, ALIBI PROVED and ALIBI NOT PROVED. These two sections are placed upwards on the table. The PRISONER card is also taken out and put in between the two sections.

The rest of the cards are then shuffled and cut for dealing, (the highest number entitling a player to deal and also being the first, to play).

If there are two players 10 cards each are dealt, and if four 8 cards each, and the rest of the pack is placed on the table.

Sides are taken as stated, one side being for the PROSECUTION and the other for DEFENCE.

Players take turns in putting down a card and must follow suit. The one with the highest number of the suit to be followed picks up the round.

SUPRISE WITNESS cards can be played as Trump Cards, and the player putting down a SURPRISE WITNESS card wins the round.

After placing down a card, players also pick up another from the ordinary stack on the table.

When the hand is played out the points on the cards of each player are added up, and whichever player has the highest number of points takes a card off that stack of ALIBI cards favouring his side, that is to say a “PROSECUTION” player takes a card from the stack ALIBI PROVED, and a ” DEFENCE” player takes a card from the stack ALIBI NOT PROVED.

Whichever side first gains its stack of 6 ALIBI CARDS wins the game.